Twitching, trembling, flickering. Searching of the gap confirming the existence of multiple realities in a single space-time. An exploration of the existence of an actual material physical being in which metaphysical elements can be reflected.

Covered in a veil of oneirism, Izabella Gustowska's art seeks to reveal that which is in-between, that which is elusive to the human eye. In the place where reality is blurred and the human soul and body are polarised, the materiality that limits it is revealed. This unmasking was made possible by the artist's use of the medium of photography, on which she applied paint or retouched by hand. Nevertheless, for Gustowska, the exposure of man's complex nature was merely a pretext for penetrating the wider connections that make up society as a whole. The intermingling of the different perspectives and emotional states of the individual with what the masses feel provided a broader picture of the human condition in the contemporary world, as well as Gustowska's individual reception of art (art steeped in biographical themes) in the masculinised world of artistry.

2020-2021 "Absolute qualities of similarity", CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
2016 "New York and the Girl", Art Stations Gallery, Stary Browar, Poznań, Poland
2015 "I remember how... I remember that...", State Art Gallery in Sopot, Sopot, Poland
2015 "The case of Edward H.../ The case of Iza G...", Arsenal power station gallery, Białystok, Poland
2015 „… about my Josephines…”, UP Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 "Space-time hybrids", Manhattan Gallery, Łódź; Słodownia, Stary Browar, Poznań, Poland
2009 "Holiday Souvenir", Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ustka, Poland
2008 „SHE. Media Story”, Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań, Poland
2007 "Life is a story", National Museum, Poznań, Poland
2001 "Passions and Other Cases", Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland