Creating structures of an organic nature while drawing inspiration from the real world and real objects built by human hands from the goods provided by nature. An intuitive approach to the creative act and considering it as a kind of event captured only by a specific moment describe the process of creation of Jadwiga Maziarska's work. The resulting image is the effect of a moment of revelation experienced by the artist. The feminine sensitivity manifested precisely in this intuitive approach to the creative process distinguishes Maziarska as an artist in the world of constructivist art dominated by phallocentrism. Her works sometimes resemble enlarged biological preparations that are prototypes of a living organism.

The paintings she created were often characterised by spatiality and multidimensionality, the result of applying many layers of paint to the canvas, the tissue of which was often modified by the introduction of original imposts, thickenings or gouges.

2009 "Collection of Events. Art exists beyond image... from the collection of Dariusz Bieńkowski" Atlas Sztuki, Łódź, Poland
2005 "Experience of Matter", Piekary Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2002 16th individual exhibition "Exhibition of paintings of Jadwiga Maziarska - the laureate of the J. Cybis Award for the year 2001 (connected with the Warsaw Painting Review with the participation of the Laureates of the J. Cybis Award), DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1998 14th individual exhibition "Jadwiga Maziarska. Planes of space, spaces of planes. Paintings from 1946-1991"; and "Jadwiga Maziarska - Jerzy Nowosielski", Galeria u Jezuitów, Poznań, Poland
1988-1989 "Geometria es Metafora", Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1985 “Four woman Artists from Eastern Europe. Posters, Prints and Drawings by Barbel Bohley, Teresa Murak, Jadwiga Maziarska, Maria Waśko”, Battersea Arts Centre, Londyn oraz jako część “Ten years 1975-1985” w The Pavilon, Leeds UK
1957 "Jadwiga Maziarska. Exhibition of Paintings", Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland