In Jan Berdyszak's work, one of the most important aspects is the reference to Eastern philosophy. His works are an attempt to visualize or transcendentally materialize concepts such as openness, density, darkness, infinity, finitude. In turn, their making present is connected with another key issue for the artist, which is the notion of space - both that which interferes with the structures of an object and that which violates that object.

By introducing a real opening into the image space, it became possible to permeate pictorial reality with real reality. The presence of almost tangible emptiness, as the artist himself says, makes it possible to penetrate the inter-values and inter-sensuality.

In addition to the synthesis of painting and sculpture, a special place in his oeuvre is occupied by printmaking and heliography.

2014 "Horizon of graphics", National Museum, Poznań, Poland
2006 Arsenal City Gallery, Stary Browar, Piekary Gallery, Poznan, Poland
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Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
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