Greens, reds, yellows and blues are the dominant colors in the work of Jan Dobkowski, whose path of artistic development deserves special recognition and attention. In his erotic composition, various multiplication of parts of the human body - both men and women - permeate. Dismorphism does not diminish the sexual nature of the works, on the contrary, the essence of Dobkowski appears as a visualization of hedonism resulting from the unity created by the bodies of two people who desire.

In the series of simultaneous paintings, the artist enriches the cosmogony he has created with his own experiences, reaching to the three dimensions that build his existence: the past, present and future. He abandons the silhouette character of a color patch laid flat on the canvas in favor of a line covering the entire plane. This line is meant to be an expression of acceptance for the continuity and unity of life. His works, although divergent in terms of the forms of painterly expression used, have a common source in the form of a man - in his body and physis.

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