Jan Tarasin's paintings are like a story that has not been told in a single word. The key to reading them is reception through the senses. This dexterity is acquired by the viewer during every contact with nature, which was one of the most important sources of painterly inspiration for the artist. He has depicted the forms he derives from nature as if reflected in a distorting mirror, referring to the surrounding reality on the one hand and deconstructing it on the other.

Tarasin describes the world with the language of ever-changing signs and symbols to capture its changeability and non-uniformity. The irregularity of the contour and the sometimes blurred geometry of the object and the image create its irregular rhythm resulting from the depth of its multilayered nature. The reality shown by Tarasin reveals the possibility of its multitude of interpretations, diversified perceptions and possible paths leading to the end of its process taking place on the real - pictorial plane and in the mind of the viewer.

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