The intellectualism emanating from Janusz Orbitowski's works is the result of the self-awareness of the painter, who observes that the "periodicity" present in the work of practically every artist - in his case, results from itself. Having exhausted one subject, he automatically develops another as a consequence of the conclusions drawn from the end of the first one. The interpretative and formal core of his works is an interest in the coexistence of two worlds - the real and, as he says, the imaginary.

This relationship is best seen in the reliefs he composes - where objects that capture the hapticity of the eye gently disrupt the flat-painted canvases. He considers geometric forms present in the real world, i.e. like the rectangle or the line, to be real objects, which he juxtaposes with the painted reality. He treats geometry as a means to realise a theme, rather than as an expression of artistic expression.

2015 Artemis Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2011 Painting Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland
2009 Mała Galeria, Nowy Sącz, Poland
2008 Nuremberg House Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2005 Starmach Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2000 Stara Gallery, Lublin, Krakow
1993 Aspekty Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1986 Krzysztofory Gallery, Krakow, Poland
1985 DESA Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland
1983 The Kosciuszko Foundation, New York, USA
The England Center of Contemporary Art, New York USA
1979 Bałucka Gallery, Łódź, Poland
1971 BWA showroom, Białystok, Poland
1968 Contemporary Gallery, Warsaw, Poland