For I am a seeker of the philosopher's stone, and this stone, after all, should be a simple thing, and at the same time full of magical power - like a spell1 - this is how Jerzy Kalucki described his work in a conversation with Bożena Kowalska. In his works, the most important are two that enter into a constant dialogue of quality: nature and geometry. As in the real world, in Kałucki's artistic reality the symbiotic connection between nature and geometry reveals the creationist influence of one on the other.

Ascetic means of expression and color patches enclosed in geometric contours - sometimes contrasting with each other - become the center of the picture's nascent story of creating a structural abstract form, the completion of which takes place in the mind of the viewer.

1 Statement by Jan Kalucki. Bożena Kowalska Spaces of Jerzy Kalucki, Warsaw 2006; p. 50.

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