Kajetan Sosnowski's work is distinguished by his experimentation with form and painting matter, which was undoubtedly influenced by his interest in the sciences. Light and color - how their relationship could be different in a painting are the main subject of his works and the painting philosophy he practiced. In the late 1950s, abstract forms began to appear on the canvases he painted, which then gave way to the material qualities of the painting itself.

In his works he draws attention to the relationship between art and nature. It is in it - art that he seeks the truth about the world, which only science can discover. He shows how natural physical and chemical processes can enrich the act of preperception of a given image.

1988 "Geometry and Metaphor," Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1987 Freiraum, Kleinsassen, Germany
1986 "Katalipomena 2", Galeria Remont, Warsaw, Poland
Images from the series Equivalent Systems, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1985 paintings from the series "Equivalent Arrangements", Salon BWA, Lublin, Poland
1984 "Language of geometry", CBWA Zachęta, Warsaw, Poland
1983 chemical and sewing paintings, Jurgen Blum Gallery, Kleinsassen, Germany
1981 "Interventions", MDM Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1980 "Constructivist Tendencies", Artists' House, Warsaw, Poland
1976 Exhibition of 9 Polish artists, Ricards Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
Art fair "Art. 76", Basel, Switzerland
1973 Gallery "72", Chelm Lubelski, Poland
"Metaiepseis", Gallery LP 220, Turin, Italy
1972 Salon BWA, Lublin, Poland
1970 Galeria Pod Mona Lisą, Wrocław, Poland
1968 "Polyptychs", Galeria od Nowa, Poznań, Poland.
1966 "Confrontations", Slupsk, Poland
1964 I Parade of Contemporary Art, EL Gallery, Elbląg, Poland
1962 "Biblical Portraits"; "Erotics", Chelm Lubelski, Poland.
1958 "Epitaphs"; "Pejzaże myśli wieczornych", Krzywe Koło Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1957 II Exhibition of Modern Art, CBWA Zachęta, Warsaw, Poland
1956 "Lyrical Diary," Krzywe Koło Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
Group 55, Krzywe Koło Gallery, Warsaw, Poland