Kinga Popiela


Kinga Popiela was born in 1991 in Kalisz. Master's degree from the Faculty of Painting at the University of Arts in Poznan under Prof. Dr. Dominik Lejman and Prof. Dr. Andrzej Peplonski. Since 2018 a student of the Interdepartmental Environmental Doctoral Studies at the University of Arts in Poznan.

In her work, she focuses on the perfomativeness of the painting gesture, individual memory of the body and its expression in relation to space.

Kinga Popiela's paintings are a kind of testimony of the artist's fragmentary coexistence with the matter during the creative act performed. They are created thanks to the uninterrupted nature of the painting gesture - applying paint to canvas or paper with a brush or with tools specially created by the artist, and then running the paint over the surface until it is exhausted. This procedure, as it were, highlights the intimate connection between the artist's body and the painting she creates. There is a registration of the past on the canvas. The painting becomes a carrier of the future - an immanent testimony of the time of its creation.

Popiela in her works also focuses on the layering of the painting canvas. She is interested in the relations that are formed between individual surfaces. She pays attention to their changeability and transience affecting the internal structure of the work - as well as its visual aspect.




2022 Exhibitions and floors; Rodriguez Gallery, Poznań
2021 Open studio; Szewska Gallery, Poznań
2021 Tissue of the world; Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń
2020 Everything and nothing more; Fresz Gallery, Kraków
2019 Meaningless; University Gallery, Poznań
2018 Diffuse; Curators'LAB Gallery, Poznań
2018 Hylemorfizm; Ring Gallery, Legnica