The juxtaposition of organic and inorganic elements. Showing their interdependence and the transformation of one into the other. Penetrating the crevices of reality in an attempt to find the subjectivity lost by his contemporaries. In his works Leszek Knaflewski returns to the forces of nature - organic elements. They, through their primordiality and apparent immutability, are a testimony to the oppressive action of man on the surrounding reality.

The idea he proposes of a return to nature is meant to be a kind of khatarsis for the consumerist-obsessed human being. In his compositions, he used non-material objects mainly belonging to the group of everyday ones. He used them to create constructions, complicated in terms of structure and meaning, which seemingly had no right to carry coherent content. However, their consonance and co-relation enabled him to generate content that hitherto went beyond their individual semantics.

2013 "You Stand in My Place", WroArt Center, Wrocław, Poland
2012 "Wild Island of the 1980s - Leszek Knaflewski and Koło Klipsa", Leto Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Meditation Biennale, Poznań, Poland
2011 "Preface", Piekary Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2010 hey Sleep for them, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland
2009 Urban Legend. Festival of Art in Public Space, Poznań, Poland
2008 "Crossroads against roundabouts", Piekary Gallery, Poznań; 13 Muz Club, Szczecin, Poland
2006 "Killing me softly", New Age Gallery, Museum of the Lubuskie Region, Zielona Góra, Poland
2003 Born to play, AT Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1999 Party-Tura, AT Gallery, Poznań, Poland
"30x30", AT Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1996 Atelier 340 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
X ART Space Gallery, Athens, Greece
"Knaf", Arsenal Municipal Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1992 "Gardens", Poznań International Fair, Poznań, Poland
1989 Contemporary Polish Drawing, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, Great Britain