Leszek Oprządek


Every thing from the smallest blade, cell, atom, to the galaxy, has its internal structure, the nature of its construction, its weight, and what no longer belongs to it is something 'outside'-the environment. I observe objects and order them for myself by their colour, shape, origin, durability. It happens that a seemingly uninteresting solid conceals a whole symphony of spatial arrangements, another contains only one monotonous rhythm or tone. There are also masses that are very attractive on the outside but completely empty. I try to use these observations and experiences to model objects out of clay, plaster and concrete, whose quiet inner life is made visible by a series of scans from a CT scanner, transferring these concrete objects into virtual reality, and analogue X-rays created by x-rays penetrating matter.

Leszek Oprządek

2021 "Geometry and ...", Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art Elektrownia, Radom, Poland
2016 Painting, Sculpture (with Tamara Berdowska), PPP Gallery, ZPAP Bielsko-Biała District, Poland
2015 Projects and projections, Pryzmat ZPAP Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2013 X, BWA Bielska Gallery, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
2011 Sculpture, Galerie K, Staufen, Germany
2008 Nothing Like It, Nautilus Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2007 Painting, objects, Pirschke Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2005 Objects, 261 Gallery, Łódź, Poland
2001 Facilities, Orangery Gallery, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Poland
1997 Sculptures and paintings, Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow, Poland
1994 Painting, Tryptyk Gallery, Kyiv, Poland
1992 Painting, Sculpture (with Tamara Berdowska), Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow, Poland