The work of Marek Chlanda should be perceived as a kind of theatrical performance happening in front of our eyes. One element stimulates each next one, which activates a kind of the aforementioned "happenings" that animate inanimate objects.

The value of a drawing is influenced by the artist's observations and observations necessary for its creation, which mainly refer to more or less complex interpersonal relationships. Any tension or relaxation present in them is shown only in an allusive manner. The immateriality of feelings, time and thoughts is an interesting medium for Chlanda because of the opportunity to show their metaphysics, the embodiment of which is enabled by the dialogue between drawing and sculpture.

2020 „Cargo”, Circoteka, Kraków, Poland
2019 "A Study of Obedience," Museum of Art, Lodz, Poland
"F.A.I.T. helps the world cover up Ujejski's mystical truths", F.A.I.T., Krakow, Poland
2018 "Remanent", Muzalewska Gallery, Poznan, Poland.
2017 "12 Steps of AA", BWA Arsenal, Poznań, Poland
2015 "Eyes facing the wall. Paintings from under the floor", Muzalewska Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2013 "Uzdrowisko", Muzalewska Gallery, Poznań, Poland.
"Well, and what then? What now?", Starmach Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2012 "Transit", MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, Poland
2009 "Beatifications," National Museum, Poznań, Poland
"Outside life", Starmach Gallery in Kraków and Muzalewska Gallery in Poznan, Poland.
2006 "Six Days", Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1997 "Art from Poland 1945 - 1996", Budapest, Hungary
1994-1995 XXII Art Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1994 XXII Art Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1991 "Positions Poland", Berlin, Niemcy
1988 "Polnische Realitäten", Glasgow, Szkocja
1982 XII Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
1980,1982 XII,XIII Biennale of Youth, Paris