The pictorial reality that Tadeusz Dominik shows in his works is only a suggestion to understand the real reality in which the viewer finds himself. Sometimes the shape of an irregular color stain that dissolves on the surface refers to the view that can spread outside the window of the family house and remind of the child's carelessness and freedom.

In his landscapes, he shows nature closed in a simplified system of abstract signs in order to unify its reality and purify the human mind of the existing patterns that destroy its colorfulness. The related return to the mind of a child, even inscribed in the process of perception of his works, not only proves his originality as an artist, but also testifies to the mastery of the workshop, approach to the painting matter and formal means of artistic expression.

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1992 82 / 5 000
Wyniki tłumaczenia
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Wyniki tłumaczenia
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