Elegance, intimacy, carnality. Eroticism in its most sensual and delicate form. The coquetry of bodies consisting of a play of allusions and ambiguities. The female silhouettes in Władysław Jackiewicz's paintings captivate with their almost lyrical beauty. Depicted only fragmentarily as undulating structures or spots, they provide an intellectual stimulus that softens the often merely pornographic connotations of the contemporary nude.

The delicate and sensually stimulating colour palette, reduced to shades of pink and powder, emphasises the corporeality and organic nature of the figures depicted. At times, Jackiewicz's abstract nudes express an understanding of women and the female body. One gets the impression that the artist has momentarily entered her body and seen her as she sees herself and as she wants to be seen.

2016 Władysław Jackiewicz: The Art of Contemplation, Polish Auction House, Kraków, Poland
2014 "Master" an exhibition of works by students and assistants of prof. Władysław Jackiewicz, "Punkt" Gallery of the Gdańsk Society of Art Friends, Gdańsk, Poland
"Exhibition of paintings on the occasion of the 90th birthday of prof. Władysław Jackiewicz ”Academy of Fine Arts, Little Hall of the Great Armory, Gdańsk, Poland
2013 Summertime, Pinova Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland
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Wybrzeże Theater, Gdańsk, Poland
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Alternative Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland
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1968 "Nowa Sień", Prague, Czech Republic
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