Mariusz Kruk Mariusz Kruk "There are two types of beauty, beauty a) and beauty b)"

27.10 - 30.11.2022
Molski Gallery, vernissage, exhibition, works of art, contemporary art, artist, for sale, Mariusz Kruk

Human perception of the world is too unambiguous, so contradictions are apparent. The works presented at Mariusz Kruk's solo exhibition lack normalization and hierarchization. Artistic sensitivity is realized in the possibility of creating imagery, which takes its material form by giving every object and every thing the right to be artistic matter. Excluding concepts, phenomena, incidents find a common ground releasing the "symbiosis of opposites".

Seemingly insignificant objects are shown from another side. Kruk penetrates inside them, in this way observing the whole spectrum of their operation and deconstructing the notion of aesthetics in art.