A deconstruction of painting understood according to classical forms and the notion of the artist as a copyist of nature. A departure from classical form and means of painterly expression, in which unconventional, original objects, previously rather unheard of in art, appear in their place. Andrzej Szewczyk's painting is closer to being understood as a philosophical interpretation opening up new paths and possibilities of creative work and the significance of the artist in the world of art in general, rather than as the art of representing reality and the object. The subject, if it is to be shown as an artistic object then the choice of material becomes the key issue.

For Szewczyk, the metaphorical significance of matter as a carrier of sensual cultural values is important. Materials he often uses include wood, lead, steel and non-material objects such as nut shells, mirrors, notebooks or maps. In his works, he indirectly refers to content familiar from history, literature and the tradition of art history, thus updating established patterns in the new contemporary reality.

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