The painting as a place - a source from which to see - to become aware of the existence of two realities visible and invisible. The representation of form is the most important task of the artist and the key that makes this possible is geometry, which allows for rational and cool contemplation. Jan Pamuła is an artist aware of his artistic path. Art is a process in which he undergoes transformations along with an increasing awareness of the matter with which he works.

He himself notices a clear moment of refraction and transition from metaphorical-lyrical to abstract compositions. He abandons figurativeness in favour of an almost cosmic geometrisation of the means of painterly expression. The expressive colours he uses, enclosed in geometrised contours, are an expression of inner expression.

1998 Konstruktive Kunst in Polsen aus dem Museum von Chelm, Freiburg, Germany
Uekallie - Kan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennal, Tama Art, University Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1997 “Costruttivismo, Concettismo, Cinevisualismo…”, Arte Structure Gallery, Milan, Italy
1994 New York Digital Salon, Art Directors Club, New York, USA
1992 Computer Graphics in Fine Arts, State Gallery, Banska Bystrzyca, Poland
1989 2nd International Festival of Graphic Biennale - Graphic Festival - Graphic of Eastern Europe, Menton, France
1986 Gallery 72 - District Museum, Chełm, Poland
1982 International Print Biennial, Bradford, UK
Kosciuszko Foundation, New York, USA
1981 Krzysztofory Gallery, Krakow, Poland
1979 Project Studio One, New York, USA
1978 Gallery of Hungarian Artists, Pécs, Hungary
1970 International Graphic Biennial, Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris, France
1968 La Scala Gallery, Rome, Italy