A synthesis of painting and sculpture in a soft and organic form. A departure from the classically understood tapestry towards total abstraction. A revolutionisation of art through the use of formal means in ways previously almost unimaginable. Magdalena Abakanowicz, as a total artist, transgresses in her works the boundaries of art rooted in tradition. She gives a new dimension to means previously understood as non-painting and non-sculpture. Man is at the centre of the cosmogony she creates.

Initially, it is his interiority - the microcosm - that becomes the most important, which she shows on a macro scale in the form of colourful Abacanas. Then, resigning from colour in her sculptural compositions, she moves away from testimony to the individuality of the individual, focusing on the search for his or her place in the universe. She portrays her loneliness, isolation, helplessness and trauma in a reality in which it is the human being who is powerless against his or her own limiting biological structure. The post-war trauma that has accompanied the artist throughout her life plays an important role in her wor

2021/2022 "Abakanowicz. Totalna ”, The Four Domes Pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art, branch of the National Museum, Wrocław, Poland
2021/2022 "Abakanowicz and others", Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Orońsko, Poland
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2017 "Metamorfizm", Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź Poland
2016 „Mutations”, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, USA
2015 “In Honour of Her 85th Birthday”, Beck & Eggeling, Dusseldorf, Germany
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