Michał Misiak


Michał Misiak's paintings act as a kind of impulse generating in the viewer a moment of penetration into the sphere of inner feelings and emotions. The limited means of painterly expression used by the artist are the source of this auto ecstasy. In accordance with the Pythagorean philosophy close to him, he tries to show in his works the true beauty and harmony perceptible by the human mind only in symmetrical objects

His canvases revolve around the vibrations of light and colour extending and intervening into the surrounding reality beyond the painting. The out-of-picture structures with a rhythm similar to electromagnetic waves are the result of the visualisation of the invisible reality that surrounds one, which reveals itself in the painting and then spreads beyond the frame of space remaining present and activated in the viewer's mind.

2021 "Language of geometry, permanence of art", BWA Katowice, Poland
"Frequencies", Gallery "Distance", Cracow, Poland
2020 "Geometry and...", Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art Elektrownia, Radom, Poland
2018 "Variable", JIL, Warsaw, Poland
"Fluctuating Balance", Korekta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015 "Geometry of order - geometry of chance", gallery Patio 2, Academy of Humanities and Economics, Łódź, Poland
"Vibrations", Haus der Modernen Kunst, Staufen, Germany
2014 "Two-dimensional relativity", "Chłodna 20" Gallery, Suwałki, Poland
2013 Dynamic Structures, Socato Gallery, Wrocław, Poland
"Elementary Particle", Gallery in Hall CkiS, Kalisz, Poland
2008 "Plane - space - depth", "Sagan" Gallery, Essen, Germany
2007 "Perfections", Gallery "Atribut", Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 „Farbschwingungen”, Galerie Birkhofer, Gottenheim, Germany
2005 "Summary", BWA City Gallery, Toruń, Poland "Oscillations", Anya Tish Gallery, Huston, USA
2004 "Rainy Summer", Olympia Gallery, Krakow, Poland
"Pictures 2002 - 2004", Galeria Centrum, Krakow, Poland
2003 "Spaces of Solitude", Olympia Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2000 Painting and Graphics Exhibition, Grotta Nobile Gallery, Krakow, Poland
1999 "Drawing and graphics", Klub pod Ręką, Krakow, Poland
1997 PWST Gallery, Krakow, Poland