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CONTEMPORARY POLISH ART exhibition #pop-up as part of PRAGUE ART WEEK 2023

  On September 21-24, as part of the Prague Art Week, as the only gallery from Poland, we will show the exhibition Contemporary Polish Abstraction on the example of selected works by seven artists using the language of geometric abstraction.

We will present works by artists of the younger generation such as Kinga Popiela, Krzysztof Mętel and Mateusz Piestrak, whose reflections on abstraction are linked to the bodily aspect of creative work. In addition, works by artists who have long worked closely with our gallery will be presented, namely: Tamara Berdowska, Mariusz Kruk, Sebastian Krzywak and Michał Misiak.

The collected works form a conglomerate of works depicting the multifaceted nature of the concept of abstraction. These works show how contemporary abstraction can develop in different directions and exist on different planes of meaning, which affects its limitlessness. Importantly, abstraction is not the main subject of art created by the artists whose works are presented at the exhibition. It is only a means of artistic expression that allows us to understand the world through other, parallel realities.

 The "Contemporary Polish Abstraction" exhibition project we have created aims to bring Polish art closer to our eastern neighbors, and thus promote it on the Czech market. The exhibition will take place in an unusual postmodern space that used to be the headquarters of the Czech National Bank. Today, these are the interiors adapted by the organizers of the PAW festival as its headquarters. We believe that the exhibition we have prepared will be a stimulus for international dialogue using the language of abstraction.

Exposition: 21-22.09.2023

Vernissage: 22.09.2023 - godz.17:00

Jeruzalemska 964/4

Praha 1 - Nove Mesto