Manifesto, action, originality, fetish. Looking with hope into the future and trying to revive faith in another human being undoubtedly characterise Tom Kawiak's work.

For him, the property of art is not only its aesthetic value, but also, or in fact above all, its representational function aimed at awakening people from the amok of everyday life and drawing their attention to the superior matters that build humanity.

The central medium in his work, alongside performative acts, is occupied by sculptural compositions. However, these are not sculptures understood as the individual result of a creative act, but multiplications of the same form subjected to a delicate expressive deformation. Compositions such as bricks or jeans can be found almost all over the world and constitute an endless - reminiscent of a kind of cycle - dialogue between the artist and reality.

In his works, Kawiak often uses non-material objects, i.e. brushes, asbestos blankets, blades, chains and ropes.

2017 Summer Exhibition a Saint Paule de Vence, France
2015 “Sculptures/Nature” au Chateau Beychevelle, France
2013 Yakin&Boan Gallery, Casablanca
2011 Galerie Artingis, Tanger
2010 Galerie Delacroix, French Institute in Tangier, Tangier
2009 Galerie Bab Rouah, Rabat
2003 Królikarnia National Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2003 Academy of Fine Arts, Performance 'Pocket Durga', Calcutta, India
1994 86 Gallery, Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, USA