We bring

art into life


MOLSKI GALLERY&COLLECTION is a contemporary art gallery in Poznań in the heart of the green district of Sołacz. Surrounded by a park and historic tenement houses, a modern building created specifically for art. The three-story space showcases both works in the private collection of owner Michał Molski and hosts exhibitions dedicated to specific artists or projects. The collection is built up by works by Polish artists working in the geometric abstraction movement, but you can also find works by prominent artists working in other areas.

For us, art is a space detailing what cannot be described in words. It provides a key to the world of the senses and absorption by stimuli from the unknowable parallel realities around us.

We are open to cooperation with artists who have already found their unique artistic idiom and wish to develop their presence in the art world through exhibition activity.

Intergenerational dialogue

Molski Gallery & Collection's original program focuses on creating an intergenerational dialogue. We confront the works of outstanding individuals of the Polish art scene of the 20th and 21st centuries with those of the younger generation in order to discover both the continuity and changes taking place in the art space before our eyes. This fascinating journey through various parallel realities, through various ways of thinking about art, close to each other or more distant provides us with endless inspiration. And this is what we want to share with the Viewer.



Our collections include the realizations of such artists as: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jan Dobkowski, Tadeusz Dominik, Alfred Lenica, Jan Tarasin. However, the main axis is marked by the current of abstraction, especially in its geometric variety, which we present in excellent paintings or reliefs by individuals of such stature as Jan Berdyszak, Stanisław Fijałkowski, Zbigniew Gostomski, Mieczysław Janikowski, Jerzy Kalucki, Edward Krasiński, Janusz Orbitowski, Henryk Stażewski, Tadeusz G. Wiktor, Ryszard Winiarski and others. Looking for non-obvious connections and continuation of avant-garde tendencies, we also included abstract artists of the younger generation - Tamara Berdowska, Michał Misiak or Sebastian Krzywak.

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