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Michała Misiaka "Simple Complexity" - vernissage

Michał Misiak belongs to a group of Polish artists who use the language of geometry, once gathered around Bożena Kowalska, a charismatic propagator of the aforementioned trend. This fact alone implies a certain attitude - a departure from inspiration by direct sensory experience and a turn towards the supra-empirical aspects of reality. In the case of the Krakow artist, the authenticity of the choice of this path of development is confirmed by the impressive consistency, but also by the awe-inspiring, time-consuming method of creative work, supported by mastery of technique. The presented paintings from 2022 - 23, belonging to the Frequencies (Fr) series, are in this context an exemplification of the persistence and at the same time the evolution of the painter's thinking and the dynamics of the 'expansion' of his concept of the non-objective image.

More than two decades ago, Misiak discovered the line for himself. This peculiar, graphic sign of infinity has since become for him an elementary means of expression, a constant compositional component and an object of his painting experiments. The line, usually a straight line, rhythmically multiplied and interfering, enables the artist to transcend the conditions of the changeable nature of everyday perception and move to the level of ideal relations. In turn, the repetitive nature present in the creative process itself, combined with the need to concentrate and restrain expression, leads to states akin to meditation. As the painter confesses:

For me, working on an image is a kind of meditation. I am interested in creating a visual phenomenon in the perception of which it will be perceptible to transcend the barrier of matter. The image as merely the initiator of a process in which the viewer will have the chance to experience something that is beyond empirical reality. In this sense, my own experience of the creative process itself - monotonous, repetitive, hours of concentrated work - is more important to me than the mere result in the form of the image as object. Then there is a chance that this experience will also be shared by the viewer1.

Below you will find an account of the vernissage, which took place on 26 October 2023.

1 Statement by M. Misiak [in:] Exhibition from the XXXI Plein-Air for artists using the language of geometry. Art and Transcendence. Radziejowice 2013, curated by B. Kowalska, Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art "Elektrownia", Radom 2013, p. 60.