Summary of 2023

The end of December is a time for summaries, so we decided to prepare for you a short report on our activities in 2023. The past year was a very intensive, but equally inspiring time for us, which began with a period of preparation for the first monographic exhibition in our gallery. In March, thanks to cooperation with several collectors of contemporary art, we were able to create a retrospective of Jan Tarasin's work. The exhibition "Continuities of Meaning" consisted of more than 20 paintings, showing how Tarasin's style changed over the following decades. The exhibition attracted many distinguished guests, including: prof. Anna Baranowa, who wrote the text for the catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition. In May, the first intermedia work appeared in our gallery space. On the occasion of this year's Night of Museums, we presented a video installation by Dominik Lejman entitled "Monk. "Monk" while simultaneously exhibiting selected sculptural objects from our collection ie: "Seated figure" by Magdalena Abakanowicz, "Witness" by Andrzej Szewczyk and "Athos" by Leszek Oprządek.

In June, in collaboration with MIA Gallery in Wroclaw, we organized an exhibition entitled. "Togetherness. Gieraga/Madera - or affinities". The juxtaposition of the young artist's works together with those of a classic of the Lodz avant-garde materialized our gallery's program aimed at establishing an intergenerational dialogue. Two major events took place in September. The first was a solo exhibition by Kinga Popiela entitled. "No horse in the world runs like a hare," which presented both paintings and objects on paper and, significantly, the artist decided to create a sculptural composition for the first time. Then, in the second half of the month, we took part in Prague Art Week 2023, and for the first time we presented selected works of collaborating artists abroad. The exhibition project we prepared, "Contemporary Abstraction Poland," presented the works of seven artists using the language of abstraction. In October, in cooperation with Krakow art historian Dr. Agnieszka Tes, we prepared an exhibition of works by Michal Misiak entitled. "Simple Complexity." In turn, in November we once again took part in the 20th Warsaw Art Fair. In December, Sebastian Krzywak's exhibition "Erasing Head" was held for the last time this year. We showed works from the artist's latest series, which was created between 2022 and 2023. Out of 17 paintings, we selected 12, which show the evolution of the artist's style in a capsule manner.

In summary, this year we managed to organize 6 exhibitions for you, publish 3 catalogs and participate in the Warsaw Art Fair and Prague Art Week. We would like to thank each of you for supporting our activities. The high attendance at the vernissages, followed by multiple returns to the exhibitions shows us that what we do is not indifferent to you! We promise not to slow down, and the next year is shaping up to be just as intense and exciting!