Vernissage "Sublimations" by Tamara Berdowska

Friday 19 January saw the first vernissage in our gallery this year.

This time we decided to present you with works by the outstanding artist Tamara Berdowska.

The exhibition entitled. "Sublimations" presented more than 20 works coming from four cycles: Hallucinations, Insomnia, Fullness and Acidic, created between 2022 and 2023.

Berdowska's oeuvre develops very coherently, which does not mean that it does not surprise with its trajectories, opening up to still new, still unexplored spaces of imagination and their endless permutations. Certain overriding features have remained constant in the artistic idiom that has been evolving since the mid-1990s: the clear and at the same time hypnotic language of geometry, a kind of luminosity and transparency of matter, rhythmic repetitions of micro-modules inscribed in the macro-structures of the composition or, finally, illusions of movement. What also remains constant in the painter's creative attitude is the desire to transcend visibility, to unveil ideal and potential structures, or even non-empirical matrices of reality, which in her diploma thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, she referred to in Platonic terms as 'pre-picture'. This is why the palpable fascination with op-art, with its appealing visual experimentation, has turned into a universal aspiration here, going beyond pure play with form, characterised by a subtle content and cognitive value.

Curator - P.hD. Agnieszka Tes,

fragment of the curatorial text for the exhibition "Sublimations".