Sebastian  Krzywak


Sebastian Krzywak - a Poznań-based artist who introduces organic and microbial forms to classically understood abstract geometry. Regular shapes such as the line, square or point are developed into pure unbridled abstraction seemingly losing their shape in favour of blurring or erasure.

For Krzywak, the time she spends preparing - creating a blueprint for an imagined work - is as important as the creative process itself. The seemingly sloppy paint or spray strokes applied to the canvas at the final stage of the work are the result of the long-lasting processual nature of the artist's work.

 Extremely original and sublime works are created at the meeting point of various painting techniques and materials, i.e. enamel and acrylic, for example. 

2005 "Always a fragment"; Old Slaughterhouse, Poznan, Poland
2007 "Uchome"; Starter Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2009 "Salted Candy"; Nowa Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2010 Painting, Press Tower Gallery, Konin, Poland
2014 "36,6"; Nowa Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2017 "Self-regulation"; Nowa Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2018 "Flatten Image"; BWA Bydgoszcz, Poland
2019 "Stratum"; Łęctwo Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2021 "Disappearance"; Rodriguez Gallery, Poznań, Poland